Thursday, March 8, 2012

C is for Creativity for the Gods

Em hotep!

Creativity is part of the very core of my being and I attribute this, in part, to my spiritual Mother, Amunet. She is a Creatrix and part of the Ogdoad, as I mentioned in an earlier post about Her. She is an androgynous creator and is said to have been The Mother Who Acted as Father in the Beginning.

That being said, one of the ways I offer to the Gods is creativity. I paint for Them. I sing for Them. I write for Them. I dance for Them. I crochet for Them. My favorite is blending oils for Them. But that's a whole 'nother thing entirely. :D

My current project is to build a naos, which I will document step-by-step here for everyone to be able to build their own as they please. :)

A naos was the innermost sanctum of the temple that held the statue of the God inside, and only the highest of priests were allowed to enter the chamber. This one will be a small balsa wood chamber built to hold a statue within, but not nearly big enough for more than a hand through the doors. The doors will be hinged so that they can be opened and closed, and will have knobs that can be tied to seal the chamber. During rituals it will be opened. Mother has demanded that the statue be Hidden, like She is.

You, too, can use creation as a way to please the Gods, without giving Them everything you make and filling up your shrine! Simply offer Them the act of creating said object, whatever it may be.

Go ahead, give it a try! It's great for those that are on a tight budget (like almost all of us), and would still like to give a great offering to the Gods!

Have fun!

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  1. I totally get creative devotions and have just started painting again after a very long time. I like the idea that ALL of my creations - be it things for my Shrine or practice - as well as other creative things I do (performances, routines, etc.) can be offered to Them. I had not really thought of that before.

    I also had not thought about building my own naos and have been looking out to buy one: your balsa wood do-it-yourself idea has also inspired a process.

    Glad I stumbled on this post this morning!!!