Friday, February 10, 2012

A is for Amunet

Amunet - Amaunet, Amonet, Imentit

"The Hidden Female"
"She of the West"
"She Who acted as Father in the Beginning"
"Consort of Amun"
"She of the Beautiful West"
"Owner of the Tree of Life"

My Mother is Mut in Her form of Amunet. This both makes perfect sense to me and none at all. If that makes any sense lol. So it only makes sense that my first post for the Pagan Blog Project 2012 would be on my Mother, Amunet.

Amunet is a part of the Ogdoad, one of the Great Eight Creators in one of the most ancient creation myths that came out of Egypt's Old Kingdom. She is said to be one of the Self-Created and therefore has no mother or father as many of the Names of Netjer have familial connections. Her only connection is Her Husband, Amun.

So who is Amunet? In my experience She is the great Queen of Queens to Amun's King of Kings. She is Amun's female side of everything. She is invisible. She is the element Air. She is Mothering. She is nurturing. She is guarding, guiding. She is a protector.

Amunet was rarely portrayed in Ancient Egypt (being one of the Hidden), or at the very least, there are rare portrayals of Her that have survived the years. There are two ways that She was typically depicted - with the Red Crown (deshret) of Lower Egypt. She is also depicted as She of the West with the hieroglyph for "West" or an ostrich feather as Her headdress. She is typically shown wearing a red ankle length dress in Her human form, and sometimes is shown holding a papyrus staff as a symbol of new flourishing life.

Both Amun and Amunet were mentioned in ancient spell papyri, from as early as the 5th Dynasty, as "Amun and Amaunet, You Who protect the Gods, and Who guard the Gods with Your shadows." This leads to Her being viewed as a protector, and Her shadow being protective.

As a member of the Ogdoad, She is also depicted as the Ogdoad is -- Male Names with the head of a frog, and Female Names with the head of a cobra. Sometimes She is simply depicted as a cobra. In my own experience, I have seen Her as a cobra wearing the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. Through Her connection with Mut She is also a vulture Goddess

Being a Mothering and Protecting Name, She is also associated with the royal festivities and rituals surrounding the King's coronation and the Sed festival. She and Min are shown involved together in the Sed festival renewing the King's strength and prowess for another year as Ruler.

Her home and center of worship was in Karnak, where She had Her own priests within the temple complex for Her husband, Amun. Even after She was overshadowed by Mut as Amun's Consort (although it is sometimes said Mut is not His actual Wife,) She still remained Her own as a local deity, especially in the Thebes area through the Ptolemaic period. She has been worshipped for around a good 2300 years, from the Old Kingdom all the way up until the end of Ancient Egypt.

She, Amun, and the other 6 Ogdoad members ( Nun and Nunet, Heh and Hehet, Kek and Keket) are held responsible for making sure the Sun rises each morning.

Mother of the Hidden,
Hide me in Your Shadow
Mother of all Creation,
Hide me in Your Shadow
Mother of Ra and Aten,
Hide me in Your Shadow
Mother of all Gods Known and Unknown,
Hide me in Your Shadow

As my Mother She has guarded and guided me every step of the way. I have dreamt of Her nearly my entire life. She is truly my Mother figure, as She has always been there. She holds my heart in Her hands. I am Her only divined Child, and have only one other person that has been divined as Her Beloved. It leaves me feeling both lonely and loved, if that makes any sense.

She has taken me by the hair and dragged me back to KO, so it is only appropriate She be my first topic in a project to bring my spirit back around to Kemeticism.

Dua Amunet! Dua Netjer!



  1. Interesting and beautiful. I'm glad to see you joining the blogging effort.

    Even within KO, we don't always get a chance to see what other people's dedication looks like from the inside.

    Thanks for this! -helms

    1. You're very welcome Helms! :D I'm enjoying jumping in on this, it's getting the creative juices flowing.

  2. I am Amun Ra
    Of the Geart White Brotherhood
    I am looking for you Amunet
    Find me in thine shadow.

  3. I don't know if you're still active but this is the most detailed info I have found on Amunet whom I hasn't heard of until I dreamed of her a few days ago but she told me her name was Amunet. I don't know why she came to me but thank you for sharing.