Saturday, February 18, 2012

C is for Creation

1.[n] (theology) God's act of bringing the universe into existence.
2.[n] the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new.

In ancient Egypt there were over 16 creation myths that were accepted. The creation of the Gods ranges from being self-created, to born, to born of masturbation. Many of the Names I honor are Creators in one form or another, so this concept has been fascinating as I've researched the Gods over the years.

Some of the self-created Gods are Mut, Ra, Aten, Amunet, Nit, Djehuty, amongst many others. The entire Ogdoad (Amun - Amunet, Heh - Hehet, Kek - Keket, Nun - Nunet) are self-created Names of Netjer, and are said to have been around since the beginning as the elements of the universe.

The twin Gods Shu and Tefnut were said to have been sneezed and spat into existence by Ra in His form of Atum. Being a God by Himself, He is said to have masturbated part of creation into existence. He was said to have grasped Himself and the people were born from His seed that spilled onto the bennu mound.

The way the Gods were created shows a vast imagination in the minds of the ancient Egyptians. The vastly varying descriptions and stories of the antics and daily lives of the Gods proves that the Egyptians did more than just worship their Gods, they believed in Them in a way that modern faiths do not seem to believe anymore. Christians, for example, do not believe in God having familial relations such as sisters and brothers or husbands and wives.

The Egyptian versions of the creation stories link God and man closely, and leave very little space in life where God has no say. Even the Gods had sex and children in ancient Egypt. Sometimes the Gods even had more than one partner! There are He-Shes, She-Hes, and everything in between. From Sekhmet-Min to Hapi to Sekhmet-Bast-Ra, creation varied vastly.

The Egyptians seemed to have an un-ending flow of creativity which people "oooo" and "ahhhh" about to this very day in museums, online, and across the world with replicas. Almost every person in the modern day can recognize Egyptian art at a glance due to its prevalence throughout the world.

Each King introduced, and created, their own styles of art for their depictions. An example of this is Tutankhamun or Akhenaten's distinctive styles which are easily discernable from other periods of Egyptian art.

The Gods Themselves created everything. There are Gods of weaving, aromatherapy, brick-laying, architecture, harvest. If you name it, there is probably an Egyptian God specializing in it.

The Egyptians were some of the most creative ancient people to have walked our planet. They created stone megaliths like no one has ever been able to reproduce, no matter how hard we may try. There are even hints that the Egyptians may have even invented a battery millenia before its time!

Or perhaps, with their creativity and understanding of the human realm and metaphysical realms, ancient Egypt is the time we should aspire to. Perhaps we are millenia behind the times.

With each period there was a renewal of Egypt, her faith, and her people. After each Intermediate period, she was reborn of the desert and brought almost to her former glory. Gods and man alike created anything and everything They could imagine, and even did it side-by-side.

Where did we lose our creativity on that level as a species? In comparison to the ancient Egyptians, we have stagnated as a race, and should seek to restore our spiritual, emotional, and physical creativity as one people.

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