Friday, February 17, 2012

B is for Bull of the Great Phallus

(So this post is not what I expected it to be on. He kinda knocked me over the head and took this post. He's been kind of throwing Himself into my life lately.)


"Bull of the Great Phallus"
"The Bull of His Mother"
"Chief of Heaven"
"Lord of the Eastern Desert"
"Lord of Foreign Lands"

Min is one of the ithyphallic Names of Netjer. He is a Creator and a God of fertility, harvest, and sexuality.

He is depicted wearing the two plumed crown, or swty, that is shown on Amun, Montu, and Himself. This crown is made up of two large ostrich feathers. He is typically depicted as a bearded man standing with His legs close together like Wesir. His genitalia are displayed as erect and uncovered. This led to many of His temples and much of His history being defaced or coyly covered up due to antiquated view points of sexuality by Egyptologists in the Victorian era. For a time, any pictures taken of His depictions were from the waist up. He was also associated with and depicted as a white bull, symbolizing virility and strength. This was seperate from the Apis bull, which was a black bull with specific markings.

He is one of the only male Names to be syncretized with female Names, such as Sekhmet-Min. The only other example I know of of another male-female syncretization is Sekhmet-Bast-Ra. He is a God of sexual prowess and fertility, so the male-female syncretization actually makes perfect sense in this case, as it would lead to a God that could self-procreate in a most literal sense of the word.

He is a Creator Name and is associated with being a sky God. By the Middle Kingdom He was associated with Heru-wer, Heru the Elder. He has also been viewed as a rain God, bringing bounty to the world. This furthered His role as Chief of Heaven.

His cult center was in Gebtu along with Aset. He was worshipped alongside some deities East of Egypt and was also thought to be the son-husband to Iabet, Goddess of the East. This is an interesting fact considering He was later connected with Amun as Amun-Min, and Amun is the son-husband to Amenet, Goddess of the West.

So, as a quick cross-study from a previous post on Amunet....

Amun is the son-husband of Amunet and Mut.
Min is the son-husband of Iabet and Qadesh.
Amun and Min were later combined into Amun-Min. Does that mean Amun-Min has 4 mother-wives? lol
Interesting mirroring there.

So far He has been a quiet Name, not demanding offerings or anything. However, I do now notice that I added an image to the shrine for Him years ago. It makes me wonder if He is another of my quiet Beloveds like Bast. His Name makes my heart pound with respect like the rest of my line-up does. Hrm... mayhaps it's time for another Beloved divination.

Either way, I honor Him for bounty, virility, and strength. He seems very kind and filled with a cool, firey passion. Anyone else have any experience with Min?

Dua Netjer! Dua Min!


  1. Amsu has been part of the divination deck that I have been working with for a considerable amount of time called The Book Of Doors.

    Recently, he has been getting my attention (or I His?) owing to some modifications I am having made to a statue I have commissioned of Set, as well as great interest in his crown, which I am beginning to see more as columns of light instead of the supposed ostrich plumes.

    I really liked this post btw, thanks.

    1. Hmmm, it's interesting that I also sometimes see the crown as built of light instead of just feathers!

      He is a kind God, quite benevolent and accepting. You should reach out to him! I couldn't find a statue for Him so I have a clay phallic statue on my shrine instead. He's happy with that for the moment. Although He is pressing me to make Him a better statue.

      You're very welcome! :D I muchly enjoyed doing the research and writing the post.